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How can I access a book or thesis from the stack?

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Some items are held in closed areas called a stack.  To request a thesis or book, log in to WebCat and select Requests and Document Supply ( ); select the Request something from our collections option and enter the Author, Title, Call Number or Year of Thesis Submission (e.g. for a thesis: stack S.U. Theses 2008).  Click on the Place Request button to submit your request.

At Hartley Library:

  • Stack items are collected from the stack in the morning Monday - Friday
  • Items ordered will usually be available from the Hartley Library Level 2 Desk from around 10:00
  • All theses retrieved from the stack are reference only but will be held at the Hartley Library Level 2 Desk for consultation for 3 weeks

At National Oceanography Library:

  • The stack items are kept in the library store. They can be requested in person at the Help desk and fetched immediately for reference use in the library, Monday-Friday, 9am - 5.25pm.
  • If requesting a thesis from another site please follow the Requests and Document Supply process on WebCat . The reader can indicate the preferred site for the thesis to be delivered to, for use in the library.
  • The NOL Library also keeps masters and undergraduate projects, which have a slightly different procedure. Please contact the staff at for more information.

At Winchester School of Art Library:

  • To access Stack/Store items either use the online Requests and Document Supply process on WebCat, or fill in a form manually at the loans desk. The majority of items kept in the store areas are journals that the library is no longer subscribed to, KRL patterns and related items and VHS tapes and DVDs.