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How long can I borrow books for?

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There are three different loan periods, ie how long you can borrow a book for. They are: 

  • Long Loan
  • 1 Week Loan
  • Course Collection

When you borrow a Long Loan book, you can keep it until the end of the academic year (early June). Then the book is automatically renewed until the end of the summer vacation (September). 

Long Loan books keep automatically renewing to these dates unless somebody else places a hold, ie asks for it to be returned to the library.

You can borrow 1 week loans for a week at a time. We'll email you when that week is nearly up and you can renew the book again as long as nobody else wants it. 

If somebody places a hold on a book that you are borrowing, we'll email you to let you know. You have one week to bring it back to the library.

Some books are Course Collection and have a very short loan period, usually overnight, although this can vary. See more details here: